New dhow ship joins QMA collection


A new dhow ship has officially joined QMA’s collection as part of the organization’s efforts to collect, conserve and exhibit Qatar’s national heritage.  The new dhow ship to be added to QMA’s collection has arrived from Oman where it was acquired and is one of only four other similar vessels in the Arabian Gulf.

A special reception was organized at the Museum of Islamic Art to welcome the new dhow ship named “Fateh Al Ma’een” to QMA’s collection accompanied by a folklore musical performance.  The dhow ship belongs to a family of dhow ships called “Al Baghla” which were used for long-haul transport of goods to and from Iraq, India and East Africa.

On the occasion, Nasser Al Hammadi, Curator at National Museum of Qatar stated his gratitude for the addition of the new dhow ship to QMA’s collections: “Qatar has been active in preserving various elements of heritage both tangible and non-tangible and through our cultural institutions we aim to protect and document our heritage.  Our team has identified this dhow ship which has come to us from Oman after 2 years of hard research work.”


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